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Ashby Parva Vintage Revival
Event Terms and Conditions 2023

Ashby Parva Vintage Revival is an event held in a purpose-built arena, a private garden and paddocks. We wish for all visitors to be able to use and enjoy the facilities, therefore please, take into account, the following terms and conditions to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Safety & Responsibility: Please take into account that the event is held on grass and there is uneven ground, trees and hedging.  Ashby Parva Vintage Revival does not accept any responsibility for the welfare or safety of those who visit the event, under any circumstances, and its staff are not responsible, nor will be held liable for the injury or death of any person whilst on or in the premises.

Equipment & Personal Belongings:   Ashby Parva Vintage Revival does not take any responsibility for loss or damage to the personal belongings or equipment.

Vehicles: Cars and vehicles are parked on the grounds at the owner’s risk. APVR does not take any responsibility for loss or damage to the contents of or to any vehicle which is located on the premises.

Bookings: Bookings are made on line and we operate a non-fundable policy for all bookings. 

Payment:.  Your booking will not be secured until the payment has been received.  APVR accepts payment online, cash or card.

Accessibility: All facilities feature a ground floor location and the majority are accessible via a ramp or flat surface. The car park has a gravel surface and extra parking is on grass. A limited number of wheelchairs can be accommodated in the spectators’ area adjacent to the rink. If you require assistance at any point during your visit please inform the APVR staff beforehand and help will be provided where necessary.

Food & Drink: An on-site café, tea room and pub are available to purchase food and drinks and a vending machine is also located on-site. Visitors are permitted to bring their own food and drink. Please ensure that all rubbish such as drink cans and wrappers are removed from the site and either placed in the rubbish bins provided or taken away. Food must not be taken onto the rink, but can be consumed in the spectator seating areas. Chewing gum is not permitted on the premises.

Smoking: Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the arena building and in any covered or indoor spaces. 

Animals: Dogs are not allowed onsite except for assistance dogs.   Assistance dog owners are requested to contact organisers before arrival, due to the nature of the event environment.